Hello there. Welcome to my little corner of the internet universe. I’m super excited to have a brand new website and would like to firstly give props to Katherine Klimitas for her beautiful design work and to Phillip Dodson for working with her to bring it all to life. If you receive my newsletter, you’re aware that I mentioned my website hadn’t worked in years (something many of you have kindly and gently tried to inform me of, thank you!) After reading my plea, she jumped in with a terrific vision that we can now enjoy. If you need graphic design work or website help, Katherine is your friend!

So. Blogosphere. Got any questions for me?

In the world of limited attention spans I’ve given myself the gift of this blog to share my thoughts on music and life in general. Over the years I’ve answered a lot of questions via my Facebook inbox and I’d just as soon share those musings up here on this blog where everyone can share in the fun! I love getting questions from people about life out here and responding to people asking advice. I like sharing what insight I have, and I think this blog will be a great forum to do just that – not directly in the public eye of the thousands on the social media pages where nasty knee-jerk reactions abound, but in the safe, warm bosom of the humans who care enough to take the time to go to a good ol’ fashioned website and read a good ol’ fashioned introduction to what will hopefully be an interesting blog. So, you. Yeah, you. Thanks for being here. Thanks for caring!

Let’s talk about that idea…

I like to share my opinions on the things upon which I feel deeply informed. A few things I DON’T claim to be an expert on: amplifiers and pedals, politics, and religion. Also, algebra. So if you’re interested in talking about how many ohms I’m running down, lowpass filters, Washington D.C. and who’s going to heaven or hell (I have some suggestions but again, I’m not an expert), this blog probably isn’t going to satisfy those needs for you and those aren’t the sorts of questions that I’ll be much help with disseminating anyway.

Here’s what I DO like talking about: My feelings. (Awwww!) The FEEL of my instrument in my hands, the FEEL of the music and the band; you know it’s right when you FEEL it. Like when a baseball player hits that home run and he just starts walking to first base, not even looking, knowing that that ball is flying over that fence. When I feel THAT feeling. That feeling as it’s applied to music, to my decision making, to how I’ve ended up sitting here typing these words that you are so generously taking the time to read. There’s nothing wrong with talking about any of the above topics, but I don’t have answers for that stuff. I have feelings about things, yes, but I generally prefer to keep those feelings to myself.

I WILL share that:

  • I feel I can get a killer tone through a Fender bass that feels good in my hands
  • I think the best way to effect any political change is to get involved on the local level
  • I’m planning on seeing my sweet dog Logan in heaven

Hopefully we can still be friends.

If you want to inquire about other matters, contact me here!

Here’s a great example and really, the genesis for this whole idea. David Reilly wrote to me the other day and asked:

“I’ve wondered over the years what makes a performance connect with an audience. For example, I’ve seen some people with great voices and good songs who just didn’t do anything for me, while others create a magical experience. I think you have the background to tell me if the magic comes from technical excellence or if it comes from the soul.”

Now THAT’S an inquiry I can sink my teeth into. And I will do so. On my next blog. Y’all come back now.