Hi. I’m Annie Clements. If you’re reading this I’m guessing you saw me on stage with an artist whose show you hopefully enjoyed and maybe thought to yourself “What’s with that girl up there playing bass? Let’s have a poke around the internet and find out.” Or maybe you’re my mom. Who visits my website regularly. Hi mom.

Regardless of how you found me, THANK YOU for taking the time and I’m glad you’re here. I hope you will find this website to be a useful and deeper in-depth look at my body of work with some truly wonderful artists and a listing of the tour dates up ahead – the story of where I’ve been and where I’m going.

Speaking of where I’ve been, I’ll give you the short bio. I grew up in New Orleans, the daughter of a powerhouse attorney (my mom) and a brilliant blues guitar player (my dad) so I’m sort of this weird combination of responsibility and whimsy; controlled chaos or something like that. Dad started taking me out to play on gigs as soon as we both could get away with sneaking me into bars on Bourbon street (which in New Orleans, is like, age 13) and mom made sure I received an honest-to-goodness degree in my chosen profession of playing the bass from the Berklee College of Music.

After a Series of Fortunate, Unfortunate and again Fortunate Events, (a performance with Theresa Andersson at Wembley with members of the Rolling Stones, Queen and Pink Floyd, a hurricane that nearly wiped out my beloved home town and relocated us, followed almost immediately by an audition that changed my life) I found myself in Sugarland, and for the next seven years toured the world playing and singing and sometimes recording with that pop country outfit through the course of several number one records, hit after number one hit, surrounded by an incredible group of musicians who would become lifelong friends. One of them even became my husband.

So yeah, life changed. And it still does, as it tends to do. Our tour wrapped in 2012 and, while I was terrified to leave such a warm, loving nest, I found myself flying down a new path in Nashville, playing with more wonderful musicians who would become dear friends. Holly Williams, Native Run, Lera Lynn, Anderson East, Andrea Davidson… And Amos Lee, a folk/soul sensation from Philly who scooped me up and turned me upside down and inside out with his incredible artistry and approach, different from any I’d yet known. Four years with that fine gentleman, two records (including a live recording of our show at Red Rocks with the Colorado Symphony Orchestra whereupon I afterwards looked at myself in my hotel room mirror and said “Well. Not sure where we go from here kid. That was the best musical experience of all time.”) and a mountain of special memories, shows, and more lifelong friends, paralleled all the while with tours for both Jennifer Nettles and Kristian Bush’s solo records, and I find myself here today (tonight) up in my office in my home in Franklin, TN, typing out this bio and getting ready to start a new chapter.

And so a new chapter begins in 2017 whereupon I am joining Maren Morris on her first headlining tour. I’m very excited for what’s ahead for this gal; she’s a force to be reckoned with. I’ll be posting tour dates and videos here on the site and continuing the story as we travel the planet. Also, I should tell you that I myself recorded a record with my own project Hula Hi-Fi, which blends classic Hawaiian sounds with contemporary covers and our own original material. I sing and play upright, my buddy Josh Kaler is on lap steel and sweet Sarah Bandy is on the Uke and vocals. (Picture a 20 year-old gothic glam Christina Ricci, floating in a lavender cloud, softly strumming a ukulele, staring you dead in the face and sweetly singing Nirvana songs. That’s basically the vibe.) You can listen to the whole shooting match on my STORE page and buy the record if you dig it.

The point is, I really like to play music. Which I hope is apparent to you, Gentle Reader, as evidenced by whatever rabbit hole led you to my little website world here. I also am fond of sharing my perspective on this wacky music life and have a blog here where I can go farther beyond my usual Instagram posts of just how much coffee and Vietnamese food one can possibly consume on a tour. So look out, world! ‘Cause I’m hungry!

Thank you for reading, thank you for listening, and thank you for supporting music and the people who make it. It is my absolute dream come true and distinct honor to play and sing every single note. Thanks for being a part of that dream and a part of my story. For realsies.

All the best,